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At Benjaminsaver, we believe that word of mouth advertising is the best type of advertising. We would appreciate the opportunity to offer our existing customers a $100 gift card for each qualified referral you give us that gets our price and allows us to share our products with them. When six of your referrals purchase and each install a whole-house water treatment system, we will refund you up to $10,000 of the purchase price of your Benjaminsaver water treatment system.

For us to present our in-home water test, your referrals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a homeowner
  2. Must be employed
  3. Must be age 21 or older
  4. Must be within our dealership marketing area
  5. Husband and wife must be present
  6. Must not have an existing water conditioning system in the home.

The “My Benjaminsaver Referrals” Program

We are confident that once you become a Benjaminsaver customer, you are going to be so pleased with our products, that it will be natural for you to mention us to your family and friends. Our “My Benjaminsaver Referrals program” is a way that you can benefit from doing what you probably will do anyway! Benjaminsaver customers can actually earn back their entire purchase price on their water treatment system (up to $10,000!). Just log on to thehundreddollarchallenge.com and let us know the names and contact information for those friends or family members that might like to hear from us about our products. For each family member or friend you refer to us that signs up for and experiences our complimentary in-home water test and gets our price, we will pay you $100 for each referral!

If six of the people you refer to us become new Benjaminsaver customers, we will refund to you the entire purchase price – up to $10,000! Here are a few other terms and conditions we want you to know about:

  1. You MUST be a Benjaminsaver customer (bought from an authorized Benjaminsaver dealer) to be eligible for this program. Benjaminsaver will decide if a person is really a new referral or not. If we already have the person’s name and address in our system, for example, we can’t consider them as a new referral. Obviously, the referral must be newly entered into our system as your referral prior to the first appointment. The referral must set and complete the free in-home water test with us within 30 days of the referral date to qualify.
  2. A referred person can’t be considered as a new customer until they have actually signed up for and completed our complimentary in-home water test and presentation, presented by their local authorized Benjaminsaver dealer.
  3. If two or more people refer the same new customer to us at the same time, we will decide who will receive credit for the referral.
  4. Only one referral per address, otherwise it would not be fair! Also, if we believe that the referrals you send us are not really being submitted to us in good faith, we reserve the right to disqualify the referrals.
  5. Liability for any federal, state, and local taxes that may apply to referral fees paid to you are your responsibility. Any required tax reporting forms will be furnished to the Internal Revenue Service. Referral entries that are lost, late, illegible or incomplete for any reason will not be eligible, and Benjaminsaver reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this promotion at any time, without notice, and to disqualify any entry in good faith.
  6. Employees, agents, officers and directors of Benjaminsaver, its affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, and their immediate families (and those living in their same households) are not eligible to participate in this promotion in any way.
  7. You must be a customer of Benjaminsaver or make a qualified purchase within 30 days of referring someone to qualify for the $100 referral fee or refund. It must be perfectly clear to Benjaminsaver that a person/customer is actually a referral from you prior to their first appointment and not from a different lead source (i.e TV, radio, newspaper, event, etc)
  8. A referral only qualifies for the My Benjaminsaver Referrals for 24 months from time of initial referral.
  9. Benjaminsaver has the right to verify and disclose referral/referee information.
  10. Benjaminsaver will pay the $100 referral fee within 30 days, once it has been determined that the referral has experienced the complimentary in-home water test and presentation.

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